Even in First-Tier Cities, Regulators Still Battling Real Estate Chaos

iFeng: 9月多地严打房地产市场乱象 未来调控或继续加码
The reporters of Chinanews.com found that four first-tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have launched special actions to control the chaos in the real estate market.

On September 19th, both Beijing and Shanghai issued a notice on the special action to control the chaos in the real estate market. The key rectifications included speculative real estate behavior, real estate development companies and brokerage agencies.

The specific contents of Beijing’s strict investigation include “school district housing”, “commercial housing”, “cutting room” and “big shed”, which were previously attracting attention. Shanghai has strengthened its efforts in rectifying down payment loans and illegally collecting public accumulation funds. "Restricted purchase, limited external, limited enterprise" review.

It is worth noting that in mid-September, Beijing also issued a new fund for the provident fund, which also approved the loan for the provident fund loan, and linked the loan amount to the payment period. Zhang Bo, chief analyst of 58 Housing Research Institute, believes that this policy is generally aimed at implementing the goal of “staying and not speculating”. While ensuring the housing demand of residents, it actively guides reasonable housing consumption, encourages step-by-step purchases, and cracks down on property speculation. .

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