Largest Shareholders of Bangxun Tech Default 16 Times on Pledged Stock Loan

JRJ.com: 股票质押违约 邦讯技术实控人夫妇被动减持16次
Because the stock pledge defaulted, the stocks pledged by Zhang Qingwen and Dai Furong, the real controllers of Bangxun Technology ( 300312 , Diagnostics ), have been passively reduced 16 times since May, and have been reduced by 3,539,100 shares, because currently The amount of the shares dispositioned has not yet covered the principal and interest it has accumulated, so it will not be ruled out that passive reduction will continue. It should be mentioned that in the first half of this year, the management of the company also experienced turmoil. In March and April, the company’s secretaries and financial directors resigned. 16 consecutive passive reductions

Bangxun Technology, which landed on the GEM in 2012, suffered a loss last year. In the first half of this year, the company's share price went out of the way. On May 22, May 31, June 6, and June 21, the company announced many times. The stock price touched the closing line of the real control of the pledge stock.

...Up to now, Zhang Qingwen and Dai Furong have accumulated a total of 166 million shares of Bond Technology. The total number of shares involved in default disposal is 166 million shares, accounting for 96.04% of the shares held by the two, accounting for 51.86% of the total share capital of Bangxun Technology. Lenders have sold 3,539,100 shares, the disposal amount of 26,856,500 yuan, failed to cover and pledged the principal and related interest of the shares. The company's technical announcement reminds that the relevant pledgee will not rule out the default disposal of the pledge stock.

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