Home Prices Will Follow Volume in July

Sales volumes increased sharply in the first-tier cities in May and June, and this will translate into price increases in July according to an article originally posted in the information times.
July will be a watershed in the property market turnover rose converted house prices

Entered in June, compared to 3, dull April and May of subtle, especially in cities nationwide warming trend in the property market after sustained weakness. From market opening overall situation, began to accelerate the pace of new home market, buyers enthusiasm has improved, the volume also rose. The property market in June, is the last chance for developers to price change, as the market turns for the better, it will usher in a phase of volume and price, indicating that it was also to some extent next July or will enter the real estate integration period, the property market will usher in a "watershed", especially Rate watershed.

In May, the housing market to heat up. Three real estate Shenzhen new entrants of all "daylight"; Guangzhou new home transactions net signed volume reached 9313 units, setting a new high this year, which is the highest level in the same period since 2010; and Beijing pure commercial housing turnover than the increase of over three percent; in June the land market will heat up. Shanghai reproduction total "sites", Hangzhou residential land premium rate rise, with an average floor price of first-tier cities and the highest single-month record.

Buyers do not calm, developers also sit still, market perk up. With an active land market, prices once again as strong as the congestion up.

iFeng: 7月将成楼市分水岭 成交量上涨转化房价上涨

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