Housing Beats Stocks in 2016, If You're Buying First Tier

However, if the Shenzhen and Shanghai and other first-tier cities and a handful of second-tier cities are "blue chip stocks" of property, then in the majority of the third- and fourth-tier cities the words optimistic are not spoken.

...The focus of this round to the inventory of the property market is clearly not in the hot core of first and second tier cities, but in the majority of the third- and fourth-tier cities and some second-tier cities deserted. On the "annihilation" of the property market inventory problem, people of migrant workers will play an important role. December 14, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau held a meeting called by accelerating the people of migrant workers, promoting the reform to meet the new public housing system as a starting point, to expand effective demand, stabilize the real estate market.

Currently, including Henan, Anhui and other places have introduced the relevant incentives for farmers into the city to buy a house.
iFeng: 楼市这一年:一线城市买房比炒股更靠谱

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