Tongzhou 2016 Development Plan: Deport Migrants

Beijing plans to remove 500 polluting companies from the Tongzhou district and along with it, 5% of the city's migrant population.
Tongzhou more than a further exit 500 polluting enterprises, reduced by at least 5% of the floating population. At the same time, key areas and key links transportation, environmental governance are to achieve a breakthrough, including promoting new Beijing East Station, Beijing-Qinhuangdao high-speed demolition work. Yesterday, the sixth meeting of the Conference of the Fifth People's Congress held in Tongzhou District, Mayor Yue Peng's government work report.
To be clear, the 5% is not a byproduct of the business closings. It is a hard target:
Yue Peng said, 2016 will strengthen efforts to control population size, to complete the total floating population of more than 5 per cent reduction target.
iFeng: 官方:明年北京通州将减少5%以上流动人口

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