Real Estate Taxes Coming, Local Govt to Control

China moves slowly, but it eventually reaches its destination. Whether it is soon enough to avoid a crisis remains to be seen; it appears we may have 2 years to go before full implementation of the real estate tax.

Real estate taxes coming! Revenue will be fully under local government

Real estate tax again welcome message. According to the Economic Information Daily quoted authoritative sources of information, real estate taxes by local tax bureaus around the collection, all under local tax revenues will become an important supplement local revenue sources. Real estate tax will be the merger of the existing property tax and urban land use tax.

During the two sessions this year, the CPPCC National Committee, former director of the Ministry of Finance Branch Jia Kang said that real estate registration began in March, 2018 to complete, that is, supporting conditions in 2017 real estate tax levy should be to get on.
Everything should be set up and ready to go sometime in 2017.

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