Down Payment Loans Largely Halted, Will Realtor Profits Take a Hit?

iFeng: 若首付贷全面叫停 房产中介利润将损失多少?
Orient Securities real estate analyst Zhu Jin said core down payment loans, bridge loans and other products is the customer turnover, these loans are usually short, monthly interest rate of 1.5% to 2%, but it itself is not long-term loans, customers just do bridge funding, the agency actually only charged fees. This business, even though the agency also makes other financial companies will participate.

Real estate agent for loans and other financial services are covered basic to the World Union acts cases, according to its financial results in 2015, the year the Financial Services lending totaled 32209 pen, the total lending amount of 2.99 billion yuan, an increase of 58.45%...

...Shilian showed a profit in 2015, its main business income of 4.711 billion, the year of the small business loans Shilian contributed revenue of about 414 million yuan, accounting for about 9% of total revenue annual meetings of Shilian, if you press the small loans about 30% of the profit margin calculation, the profits of small loans to 125 million yuan in the upper and lower.

...If these services are stopped, the agency how great a loss? After all, the financial business is the main business for new businesses, but the traditional intermediary, the intermediary or the traditional business-oriented, influential, but not beating.

Previously, widely questioned an intermediary company misappropriated financial revenue for each subsidiary in its infancy transfusions. He said the popular point is to charge the customer on the A and B customers paying back their own platform on P2P products money, foreign loan-sharking with much-needed funds to redeem the C building owners, and charged a monthly interest of around 1.5% . The whole process, the agency did not use a penny of their own, has achieved huge gains. Cost burden caused by the expansion of large equity financing for expansion and platform construction.

Shipeng Feng said that in general, profit margins P2P platform at about 10%, therefore, not once this part of the source of funding, the traditional brokerage firm will not be able to support online and offline platform for building next store expansion costs, which will also great impact on corporate profits.
Lianjia is estimated to have about 300 million in loans out of 13.8 billion in total P2P lending, but the firm has halted its down payment loan business.

Lianjia also says the two complaints in Shanghai, which spurred a government investigation, are two exceptions to a largely content customer base. However, while Lianjia may not have engaged in fraud or upset any customers, the down payment loan business remains a troubling sign of speculative fervor in first-tier cities.

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