Soldiers of Odin Come to America, Present in 42 States

Vocativ: Europe’s Newest Vigilante Group Lands In The U.S.
Chevy Sevier is a leader in the group and holds the title of Southwest Regional Brass. He told Vocativ that despite the organization’s bad reputation as a violent, neo-Nazi-esque lynch mob in Europe and Canada, the U.S. group is neither violent nor racist.

“The accusation that we are a Nazi or any other racially motivated hate group is not true,” he said. “We are simply Americans preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.”

Sevier credits the growth of the Soldiers of Odin in the U.S. to “current events both foreign and domestic.” Things like President Barack Obama’s executive action to give millions of undocumented immigrants citizenship, and the federal government’s acceptance of Muslim Syrian immigrants have sent thousand of people to groups like Sevier’s over the last year. According to the Southwest Commander, “We have a multitude of different religions, races, and financial backgrounds.”

...“We are not a nice, polite group that will do nothing but report outrages to the police. The police are overworked as it is, and ham-strung by the dictates of law. WE ARE NOT. We will BEAT THE LIVING SHIT out of any [refugees] we catch raping American women and terrorizing American citizens. If you have that kind of balls, then join. If not, then go away.”
Reuters: Anti-immigrant 'Soldiers of Odin' raise concern in Finland
While most Finns disapprove of the group, its growth signals disquiet in a country strained by the cost of receiving the asylum seekers while mired in a three-year-old recession that has forced state spending and welfare cuts.

Finnish police have also reported harassment of women by "men with a foreign background" at New Year celebrations in Helsinki, as well as at some public events last autumn.

This followed complaints of hundreds of sexual assaults on women in Cologne and other German cities - with investigations focused on illegal migrants and asylum seekers - and allegations that Swedish police covered up accusations of similar assaults by mostly migrant youths in Stockholm.

Police files show reported cases of sexual harassment in Finland almost doubled to 147 in the last four months of 2015 from 75 in the same period a year earlier. The figures give no ethnic breakdown of the alleged perpetrators.
RT: Anti-migrant group 'Soldiers of Odin' expands street patrols to Sweden
The far-right, anti-migrant vigilante group “Soldiers of Odin” has expanded its presence to Sweden after gaining popularity in Finland, Estonia and Norway. The group was established in response to the European refugee crisis.

Soldiers of Odin made its Swedish vigilante debut in the province of Dalarna last weekend, patrolling the towns of Borlange, Hedemora, and Säter, Dagens Nyheter newspaper reported. It was later spotted in Stockholm.
The political establishment in Europe has failed. In their zeal to prevent the rise of right-wing extremism, they adopted the attitudes that helped bring Hitler to power. Hitler's rise may have been thwarted had the West eased the burden on Germany and made concessions on issues such as war reparations. Today, governments ignore the will of the people and ratchet up abusive state power against people who merely speak out against migration. There were few police present in Cologne while sexual attacks occurred all over the city and the government covered up the incidents. (German Coverup Scandal: Ministry Urged Erasing "Rape" From "Monstrous" Cologne Migrant Attack Report) When Germans protested, the government came out in full force with hundreds of police and water cannons. (German police fire water cannons at PEGIDA protesters in Cologne)

Many governments, Germany being the most extreme, are pursuing policies completely out of step with the public mood. What Germany is doing on migration is nearly equivalent to announcing a major deregulation of financial companies amid the 2008-2009 financial crisis. The last time immigration in the United States was as high was the 1920s. The country shut off immigration for 40 years amid peak social mood and a booming economy. The U.S. is 8 years into a depression and the political establishment is pushing for increased immigration, and most (but not all) still can't figure out how Trump won.

Go long volatility in the prediction markets.

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