Xiang Songzuo: 7 Warnings For Chinese Economy

1, China's economic structural problems are very serious, improved economic data simply can not cover up this issue;

2, the wealth gap between China's social groups is very large, although the number of wealthy more than the United States, but at least two hundred million are very, very poor;

3, the central news release shows that the supply-side structural reforms very, very dissatisfied;

4, Bureau of CPI and does not respond to the real inflation index, said the fix will be serious inflation , absolutely not alarmist;

5, whether individuals, businesses or government, if you leverage constantly increasing, constantly rising, one day will be a big trouble;

6, Chinese non-performing loan rate is very high, a lot of data to be transferred by inflation, rising interest rates by, by so-called recombination to masked;

7, within a country asset price bubbles appear, there will be inflation or currency depreciation or asset price adjustments, this is a simple matter of common sense.
iFeng: 向松祚对中国经济的七个严厉警告

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