Immigration Restriction is the Issue for Total Domination

WSJ: Miami Locals Are Steamed Over Relocating New Yorkers Driving Up Apartment Rents

Natalia Solar moved to a 49-story luxury tower in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood two years ago. She and a roommate paid $3,300 a month for a two-bedroom apartment in a building with an Equinox fitness club, rooftop pool, and 24-hour concierge service.

She renewed the following year for $3,500. Then when her lease expired earlier this year, the landlord delivered some shocking news: He was doubling the rent to $7,000 a month.

Ms. Solar looked at other apartments in the building, but every two-bedroom condo available for rent was going for $6,000 to $7,000. Even with the recent pay raise from a law firm where she works as a paralegal, she couldn’t afford those prices and is moving out of the building.

“We’re getting pushed out by these people who aren’t native Miamians,” she said. “It’s happening with everyone I know that’s renting.”

The economic models that promote migration are false. CIS has the data on welfare use. All immigrations coming in and going on welfare are driving up rents, crowding in schools, hospitals, highways. Those who are not on welfare, but only average workers, are driving up real estate prices, crowding schools, hospitals and highways. This category includes people who buy a 7-11 or a motel. Only a tiny sliver of immigrants are creating businesses that drive demand for more labor and boost the average living standards of the country. The U.S. has a capital deficit, not a labor shortage.

There are other factors driving up real estate such as inflation, but immigration is a major factor. It is a major factor in depressed wages, drug overdoses, stretched municipal budgets. Trump swept the GOP primaries on the issue, yet wasn't willing to touch the issue of legal immigration. The first politician who seizes this issue will have total domination over the American political system if they combine it with a pro-worker, America First agenda that works on lowering healthcare costs, increasing wages and home affordability, reducing the trade deficit and so on.

Look at how much support Trump gets for merely saying he will do things like tackle China on trade, and then cucked at the first sign of paying a real cost such as lower stock prices or bad press. A politician who pursues immigration restriction as part of a policy package will immediately be the leading contender for president. If they actually enact the policy, the benefits will be so strong that even bad policies will look good. I'm the exact opposite of Bernie Sanders on most issues, but if he ran on immigration restriction, he'd get my vote and he'd win in landslide.

The time has come. Social mood is primed. Are there any ambitious politicians out there?

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