WWIII For Christmas?

MSN: Biden signs ‘lend-lease’ bill for Ukraine, urges quick approval of $40 billion aid package
Washington sought to portray a united front against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Monday as President Joe Biden signed a bipartisan measure to reboot the World War II–era “lend-lease” program, which helped defeat Nazi Germany, to bolster Kyiv and Eastern European allies.

FDR slow walked a nation that didn't want another European war into the conflict. America's electorate is in a similar position today. They're tired after 20 years of failed wars and do not want a nuclear war with Russia. How can the ruling class start a nuclear war with Russia? Slowly at first, then all at once. Lend-Lease gets the foot in the door.

The lend-lease bill that Biden signed into law Monday revives the World War II–era strategy to more quickly send military equipment to Ukraine. Launched under during World War II, it signaled the U.S. would become what Franklin D. Roosevelt called the “arsenal of democracy” helping Britain and the allies fight Nazi Germany.

Before signing the bill, Biden said “Putin’s war” was “once more bringing wanton destruction of Europe,” drawing reference to the significance of the day.

We'll find out soon enough if the American people will accept nuclear hellfire and total destruction via war with Russia and China. Missiles will fall on U.S. cities, carriers will sink, the body count could run into the millions of soldiers for every nation in the war, let alone civilians killed by direct and indirect effects of the war. The economy will be destroyed. 

The government will unleash totalitarian controls on speech and movement, including the jailing of dissenters and political opponents. Lincoln put his political enemies in jail, Zelensky banned opposition parties and jailed his opposition. Do you really think the current ruling class in the USA won't do the same? January 6 protestors whose only charge is a misdemeanor are sitting in prison for over a year awaiting trial already. The administration announced a disinformation board. The FBI and DOJ were already unleased on parents protesting at school boards. The administration's allies are engaged in mob threats again Supreme Court justices. It doesn't require much imagination to see what USG would do with wartime powers.

At least one-third of the country are NPCs who would up for strict lockdowns again, so they're a guarantee for nuclear war. A lot of people who are against lockdowns were sucked into the anti-Russia propaganda though. Soon, we'll know how many of them are willing to risk total destruction of their homeland in pursuit of this ludicrous, suicidal anti-Russia monomania.

It's all over once the bullets fly folks. No matter how "justified" it is, you'll be enraged watching Americans get slaughtered. Everyone will be sucked in or be shunned by society. Fullscale nuclear war is possible based on USG's already stated goals. It's possible that to avoid direct strikes, Russia, China and the U.S. will unleash EMP strikes that knock out electric grids, causing more indirect devastation.

Where will be safe? Not any allied state. They could all be hit by EMP attacks, military attacks or see their allies wiped out along with their supply chains. Food production will collapse. China, the U.S. and Russia will engage in naval warfare. Africa probably escapes mostly unscathed. The winner might be South America, since it is far away, would be out of range of EMP attacks and probably nuclear fallout, and has ample food and energy production.

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