US Imports Collapsing

According to the Financial Associated Press, on Tuesday, the well-known data analysis website Freightwaves mentioned in an article "US import demand is falling off a cliff" that although the number of goods entering the United States in the first five months of 2022 is strong, import demand is still strong. Not only is it softening, but it's also falling sharply -- down 36% over the past few weeks.

Containerized imports to the U.S. have fallen by more than 36 percent since May 24. The latest sea container bookings data show that despite strong levels of U.S. cargo imports in the first five months of the year, import demand is not only weakening, but falling sharply.

Analysts said the buildup of U.S. merchandise inventories will inevitably lead to a slowdown in new import orders abroad. Furthermore, it is a fait accompli that inflation affects the distribution of consumer spending.

Market analysts also believe that the unrelieved situation of high inflation has further reduced consumer demand in the United States, so the number of imported containers will further return to the level close to 2019.

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