Australian Labor Slogan: 40pc Communism is 60pc Better than Full Communism

We are getting really close to a tar-and-feather moment for the ruling class. Very close to someone important making a "let them eat cake" statement.

SMH: Labor announces policy to buy 40 per cent stake in private homes and tackle ‘housing crisis’

What do you think is more likely. Australians ban immigration and ban foreign ownership of residential property OR they go along with having the government own the private housing like in communist China and the Soviet Union. What's your best guess?

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  1. Oh, forgot to mention: This is one of the examples I'd loosely categorize as "socialism by retards". As for the "guess", can I choose "both"? In "favor" of banning foreign ownership, the anti-Russian bigotry might soon be followed by anti-Chinese bigotry. In "favor" of buying a stake in the homes, if anti-Chinese fervor reduces housing demand then it becomes even more likely the AUS gov will conclude it's "necessary to support the housing market" with "creative" interventions.