Poor Baizuo

Tragically hilarious. Newsweek: Zelensky Makes Public Plea to China's Xi Jinping After Calls Unanswered
In an interview with Hong Kong's South China Morning Post published on Thursday—his first with an Asian news outlet—Zelensky said he had sought a direct line to his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, since the Russian invasion began more than 160 days ago.

"I would like to talk directly. I had one conversation with [President] Xi Jinping that was a year ago," he told the Post's Amy Chew. "Since the beginning of the large-scale aggression on February 24, we have asked officially for a conversation, but we (haven't had) any conversation with China even though I believe that would be helpful."

How sad is it that the Ukrainian people have suffered and died because they have a clueless GAE puppet for a leader? How stupid is Zelensky to not understand Russia and China are aligned and he is a tool of GAE aggression?


  1. It’s incredibly sad. Agree. …. Though, Elensky might be yet another “good actor”, rather than “clueless”.

    You read the infamous 2019 RAND report, yes? What about Mearsheimer interviews going back a decade? Or George Kennan’s warning far before that? (I’m guessing you did.). There’s even a late-90’s vid of Demented Joe himself opposing Ukraine NATO expansion. What a P.O.S.

    1. I used to read Foreign Policy and Foreign Affairs for fun in the 1990s. Interesting, fluid time. Read Clash of Civilizations when it came out. US has been on a disastrous path for 30 years.

    2. “used to read… the 1990s” …. Aha! Makes sense. Thanks for the incremental LZ backstory. :-)