Buying Restrictions Aim at Leverage

Dawei said that the last comprehensive liberal trends have been changed on the basis of market differentiation, the differentiation control policy significantly, "underpinning cap" began to appear. In this case, housing prices rose faster in the city, including some second-tier and a radiation zone have emerged restrictive policies, these restrictive policies, including credit Shanghai, Shenzhen, purchase upgrades and part of the city tightened. The future of real estate control policy will be upgraded to "a city of a policy."

Among these, the financial leverage is to cap the main features of the policy. For example, July 8, the Xiamen Municipal Government held executive meeting, focus on the real estate market adjustment policies related initiatives. The meeting pointed out, to increase the differentiated credit policy enforcement, strict control of the use of "highly leveraged" financial instruments speculative buyers , and effectively guard against the risk of all types of mortgage loans.
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