Home Sales Flat in September, But Prices Rise

Centaline says home sales through September 27 were up a very slight 0.43% in its 54-city survey, while CREIS reports home prices increase 0.28% in its 100-city survey.

In the 100-city survey, the price rise was down from a 0.95% rise in August. The largest ten cities saw average prices increases of 0.50%. There were more cities with rising prices in September, 59 versus 51 in August.

There's optimism for a good "Silver October" thanks to the reduction in first-time home purchase down payments to 25%. Centaline dubs the latest move the fifth round of housing bailouts in 2015.

Centaline analysis rounds regulatory policy over the past year that can be divided into five rounds depending on the time point. First round: deregulation around the restriction policy. Second round: September 30, 2014 the central bank's purchase of the policy adjustment and interest rates. Third round: the country have issued housing subsidies and the central bank's RRR again. Fourth round: after March 30, 2015, began to improve incentives for self-occupation and demand, mainly in the fund policy. Fifth round: August 2015, superimposed relaxed outer limit order, drop quasi again cut interest rates, the national rescue fund for the two sets of deregulation, Liaoning and other provinces of city policy, coupled with last night's dual policy stimulus.

100-city Survey data: 2015年9月中国房地产
Google Translated: 100-city Survey Data page
Full Report: 9月百城住宅均价继续双涨:环比上涨0.28% 同比上涨1.36%
iFeng: 楼市发两大重磅消息 公积金未来可以这么用

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