Housing Inventory Drops for First Time in 54 Months; Gold September Off to Good Start in Tier 1

A 35-city measure of housing inventory fell for the first time in 52 months in August. Inventory growth has been slowing for 6 months, mainly due to the lack of investment by developers.
as of the end of August 2015, E-House 35 cities new commercial housing stock Academy of total monitoring of 257.29 million square meters, a decrease of 0.8%, down 1.4%. Inventory scale six months there has been a continuous decline in the chain; and more obvious that an increase of at stock holding of 54 consecutive months of positive growth, the first negative growth in August.

"The reason is the nature of some major cities had slowed pace of investment, resulting sale listings became insufficient." Yi Ju Institute of correlation analysis personnel.
iFeng: 35城住宅库存54个月来首跌 房价继续上涨动力较强劲

First-tier cities are off to a good start in Gold September: sales were up 50% yoy last week.

iFeng: 金九开始显威 一线城市上周成交同比涨五成

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