Housing Bailouts Expected Later This Year as Housing Bifurcation Intensifies

A couple days ago we learned that Shenzhen accounted for 42% of the nationwide increase in new home prices, while first-tier cities combined for 69% of the total.

A new article on iFeng points out that every single third-tier city saw prices fall. Shenzhen's prices are up 31.3% yoy and that offsets more than 50% of the national yoy price decline.

Tier cities continue to maintain upward trend collective. MoM rise from the point of view, in August, either new or second-hand housing, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and four first-tier cities prices showed a rising trend. Among them, Shenzhen, the highest increase, new house chain rose more than 5%.

From year increase, the first-tier cities the price is skyrocketing. August, first-tier cities new homes rose an average of 11.0%, including an increase of up to 30 percent of Shenzhen.

To curb housing prices, first-tier cities have started to adjust the property market policies. Previously, Beijing Tongzhou area house prices rose for the introduction of restriction policy, Shenzhen banks also raised the first suite down payment ratio and interest rates.

In the first-tier cities, while prices soared and third tier cities housing prices all declined year on year. Homelink network of Institutes of LI Qiao-ling Shangzheng Bao told reporters, "This year, housing prices get to gather first-tier cities, third and fourth-tier cities show the cold, we still believe that this differentiation will intensify in the second half of future second-tier and third-tier cities still needs incentive policies to stimulate demand in the market actively. "

Bank chief economist Lian Ping Shangzheng Bao told reporters, also pointed out that the future of real estate policy is still room for adjustment. "The current real estate policies are basically within the context of deregulation, not the stimulus. The next step may be the introduction of appropriate incentives, such as some high inventory of where you can take to reduce the down payment and other measures to stimulate housing consumption."

iFeng: 三线城市房价全部下跌 一城市却暴涨30%

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