NDRC Issues 8 Initiatives to Fight Slowing Economy

National Development and Reform Commission issued eight initiatives include:

First prominence special construction fund investment, and give full play to investment and loans in combination, the combined effect of the loan debt.

Second, actively promote the price of public utilities and infrastructure reform, government efforts to promote cooperation and social capital.

The third is to accelerate the three strategic and urbanization, double hit, international production cooperation, give prominence to key projects landing.

Fourth, the government continued to increase investment and accelerate the construction of a moderately prosperous society filled short board.

Fifth, the development of the rolling three-year investment plan to strengthen the construction of major projects in the repository.

Sixth orderly decentralization discharge tube with optimization services to develop in depth, market players continue to stimulate economic activity and endogenous motivation.

Seven is continuing to promote the investment and financing system reform, open up financial capital flows to the real economy channels.

Eight is to promote stable economic growth Duocuobingju comprehensive efforts to achieve full-year economic and social development the main objective.

iFeng: 发改委推八大举措稳定投资 专项建设基金投放成首要任务

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