Socionomic Alert: GOP Dumps House Speaker; Brazil on the Brink; Catalonia Votes

Socionomics tells us to expect these types of events when social mood is negative. Brazil is the cleanest signal; the currency and stock market are in free fall, the president on the verge of being removed from office. The developed world is simmering, ready to boil if anything drops into the pot. Say migrants: Finland protesters throw fireworks at buses

Not two weeks ago: Socionomics Alert: Australia Dumps Another Sitting Prime Minister. Prime Minister Tony Abbott was removed as leader of the Liberal Party. In the U.S., conservative House Republicans have been building support for the removal of House Speaker John Boehner over his refusal to allow a vote on funding for Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood receives federal funding for providing healthcare services. Opponents say it mainly performs abortions and funding is fungible; supporters say it mainly provides for women's health. Opponents have always wanted to remove funding because they argue federal money pays for abortions. At the center of the current controversy is a series of videos that show Planned Parenthood executives, doctors, or partners, discussing selling/buying fetal tissue for money. There are also claims that some abortions were performed late on purpose, in order to harvest intact brains and other more fully developed organs.

The Speaker opposes a vote on defunding Planned Parenthood tied to a funding bill because if President Obama vetoes it, as expected, it will shut down the government. GOP leadership thinks it will lose a fight in the media since the media will portray them as shutting down the government to defund Planned Parenthood. The conservatives in the party think they can portray President Obama as shutting down the government to protect organ harvesting. Political confrontation in the U.S. is about to step up a notch. There is already fallout: John Boehner Will Resign From Congress

To Brazil.

Bloomberg: Brazil Impeachment Battle Heats Up Before Rousseff Flies to U.S..

Also: Petrobras Default Looms Under $90B Dollar-Denominated Debt

To Spain.

APP: Catalonia to vote in fierce independence row with Spain
Catalonia's nationalist president Artur Mas, tipped by opinion polls to win the vote, called on Catalans to "Give the finger" to their opponents.

His adversaries have branded him a dodgy liar.

Writers, bankers and people on the street have joined in the angry debate.

"It is an unusually tense atmosphere," said Pablo Simon, a political scientist at Carlos III university in Madrid.

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