Major Real Estate Bailout Policies May Be Coming

Local governments may launch bailout policies starting this month, despite analysts saying the greatest period of inventory pressure has passed and despite a pick-up in sales. Local governments are being crushed by the lack of land sales and developers aren't investing. Even though there is optimism, the fact that major bailout policies are expected signals there is a great lack of confidence in this market.

Real Estate bailout policies can be expected

"From early 2014 the property market entered a period of adjustment, the real estate stocks have continued to significantly increase a year, in August for the first time significantly reduced, in this case, indicates that the maximum pressure near the end of the property market cycle." Centaline Dawei, chief analyst He said that from September 2014 the property market so far in several rounds of adjustment policies has begun to bear fruit, but the market is still significant differentiation, "The current second-tier cities, and Wang frequent, housing prices and actively replenish the land. But in three or four lines city, inventory pressure still continues to grow. "

Dawei that, prior to gold nine silver ten, reappears a series of bailout policies, including the previously thought the first-tier cities will not change, policy easing trend appeared again illustrates the overall policy easing trend will continue, "Nationally, many cities will likely launch bailout policies in September and October."

Albert I love my family group vice president, said Hu Jinghui, 2015 "Golden September and Silver October," the fineness still can be expected, "on the one hand, near the end, the vast majority of companies will seek to develop a nice push the disc into the full-year results season , new supply is guaranteed, September, October and holidays more, which will make buyers who have more time to look at housing, the election room will also stimulate the volume of promotion to a certain extent. Also, do not rule out the fourth quarter will also have a direct or indirect favorable policies on the property market, September, October, even to the end of the year, property transactions are expected to maintain a high level."
The local governments and developers are going to go for broke in Gold September and Silver October.

iFeng: 很多城市或将出台重磅政策 房企要放大招了

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