How to Profit From Supply Side Reforms

Guotai Junan Securities chief macroeconomic analyst 任泽平 in the research report pointed out that attention to the supply side reforms structural opportunities provided by the capital market in 2016, to production, to inventory, deleveraging, lower cost, fill the short board five tasks are investment opportunities.

Specifically, in the capacity to process, merger and acquisition opportunities as steel, coal, cement industry increased industry concentration; away inventory process, improve sales and leasing of real estate market activity to improve the favorable real estate industry and related services, farmers Engineering citizens degree quickening bring medical education and other related areas of investment opportunities.

Deleveraging investment opportunities in the field of equity financing mainly from emerging industries, which is the industry leader in high-end equipment manufacturing, TMT, Internet, healthcare medicine, new materials, recreational services and other areas. At the same time, dependent on debt financing traditional cyclical industries, in clearing capacity, supply and demand, and after the balance sheet improvement, left for the king of high-quality companies and stand out from the SOE reform in the company, potential investment opportunities.

To make up the short board, the Ren Zeping believe that with economic development and per capita income levels, consumer demand along the "food and clothing - durable goods - live line - service" upgrade path, service consumption growing much faster than substance consumption, consumption upgrade services market has great potential. Optimistic about investment opportunities in the health and medical care, pensions, education, film and other media.
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