PayPal Expands Social Credit System to Anti-War Voices

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Even though there's no system yet in the West, there's already the framework for it in place. In the wake of the Charlottesville protests last summer, many technology companies shut off right-wing websites including PayPal and domain registration companies. Some of those cut off were involved in the protests or had direct ties, others were vaguely connected and some had nothing to do with them at all.
A few days ago, Dr Jennifer Roback Morse, a frequent contributor to MercatorNet, learned that credit card donations to her organisation, the Ruth Institute, had been cut off. Vanco Payment Solutions – “unlock the power of generosity” -- sent her a curt note saying that it was a hate group.

The “hate group” label had been pasted on the Ruth Institute by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), probably because it has opposed same-sex marriage. But the job of the Ruth Institute is healing the effects of family breakdown, not denigrating homosexuals. This appears to be another sign of LGBT corporate tyranny: if you don’t agree with us, get lost.

This is how it got going. They labeled right-wingers Nazis, bigots, haters and so on. Divide and conquer. Now they have the infrastructure up and they're systematically eliminating dissent oj all sides.

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The changes taking place in politics and that feeling of accelerating madness isn't going away, it's coming to corporate board rooms and government agencies because it's driven not by politics, but technology. I have predicted on this blog that fringe parties such as Sweden Democrats or AfD will eventually win outright majorities (assuming no one goes into coalition with them or co-opts their issues). That would represent a political revolution in those countries. That change will still pale in comparison to the change in how politics, business, government, media and education are conducted by everyone.
The moment of "open" warfare, when everything blows up and might even go kinetic (if the ruling class is that evil), is when the populist right and left finally find enough issues to unite on. Then the old power structure will crumble. We are gettingcloser to this momentu all the time. GOPe like Liz Cheney appear full-on "Blue" and some Democrats like Tulsi are full-on "Red." Of course, if we look at Cheney and Tulsi's positions, they'd be classified as Red and Blue respectively, but on the issues that matter, that animate the voters today, the are on "the other side." Something like Roe being overturned and going back to the states will also shake things up because the left is more of a coalition of interests than the right. As social issues are in descent and military and economic issues ascendant, the populist right and left are in far more agreement about the direction of policy. Once they find some agreeable details, the 4th Turning will enter its final crisis phase.

Update: Matt Taibbi has more details on PayPal's attack on independent journalism. PayPal's IndyMedia Wipeout

Unlike many on the list, Consortium editor Joe Lauria succeeded in reaching a human being at the company in search of details about the frozen or “held” funds referenced in the note. The PayPal rep told him that if the company decided “there was a violation” after a half-year review period, then “it is possible” PayPal would keep the $9,348.14 remaining in Consortium’s account, as “damages.”

“A secretive process in which they could award themselves damages, not by a judge or a jury,” Lauria says. “Totally in secret.”

Consortium, founded by the late investigative reporter Robert Parry, has been critical of NATO and the Pentagon and a consistent source of skeptical reporting about Russiagate, as well as one of just a few outlets to regularly cover the Julian Assange case with any sympathy for the accused. Ironically, one of the site’s primary themes involves exploring disinformation emanating from the intelligence community. The site has had content disrupted by platforms like Facebook before, but now its pockets are being picked in addition.

This episode ups the ante again on the content moderation movement, toward the world hinted at in the response to the Canadian trucker protests, where having the wrong opinions can result in your money being frozen or seized.

Many people remark on this as if it is something normal, and historically it is...but not in America. This is something that no one on the left or the right would have agreed with 20 years ago. What happened in the past 20 years to turn America's ruling class into what appear to be, total foreigners with no understand of American culture? How does a country's ruling class become this out of touch in a single generation?

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