Updated: AMTD Moonshot IPO, Shades of 2015

The cycle bells are ringing in my ears. The yuan was already giving me signs of 2015. Shares of Baofeng exemplified the Mainland China stock bubble in 2015. It has since delisted or acquired, I forget off hand what happened to them. I did a typo when inputting the symbol though, and got another stock (300841) that soared in the 2020 bubble. When I look at AMTD (HKD) I immediately thought of Baofeng in 2015. I'm also thinking: Chinese money. Whether it marks a peak or trough I cannot say, although context says peak to me. Talking about any macro signal from this event. The stock itself is also insanely overvalued.
Reporters and analysts all told readers that AMTD’s stock momentum is unsustainable. The stock’s behavior early on Aug. 1 justifies skepticism.

I’ve covered technology for over 40 years and AMTD is the most incomprehensible set of buzzwords and hype I’ve ever encountered. That doesn’t mean the company can’t succeed. It just means the current price guarantees success when the company has achieved very little.

What Is Going on With AMTD Digital (HKD) Stock Today?
Update: I was thinking of this manipulation as well: the stock WINS soared in 2016 for no reason. One of several U.S.-listed Chinese companies that similarly soared for no reason.

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  1. I wasn’t following stocks circa 2015. Looking at SSE chart now, I see a market-wide spike in 2015 but not now.