China Consumer Confidence Implodes

You have to see the chart over at The Sounding Line.


  1. I perceive hateful regurgitated memes in response to this, over on other sites. I wonder: Did the USA housing bust of 2008-11 and decay for 90% of their “fellow” Americans over the past 40 years lead these observers to mock their own country’s revolutionaries (who, like Mao, kicked the European empires out)? If not, why do they bring Mao into this? Merkel led Germany for around 15 years. Did these observers describe Merkel as “for life”? If not, why do they mock Xi now? Doesn’t sound like independent thinking. Sounds like a mob.

    1. Shoulda prefaced that with “O/T”.

    2. The article's only reference to Mao is:

      "China's social contract has been authoritarianism in exchange for high and perpetual economic growth. That deal brought China from deep poverty after Mao to median per-capita income somewhere between Bulgaria and Romania. Now growth is stalling out."

      Happens to be true.

    3. “The USA European revolutionaries’ campaign of genocide and theft against the actual residents of North America in USA’s first century and then the world in USA’s second century helped their living standard excel, until it became harder to conquer. Then growth started stalling out.”

  2. And…

    Why those reference points (Romania, Bulgaria) ? Outside certain enclaves within USA, there’s a lot of decay. IIRC, median net wealth per capita in China now exceeds the USA, because USA people are so in debt. My guess is China median living standards* probably fall between a couple of USA states. But, comparing China to USA states would be less useful if the goal is to mock them.

    * What measurement was used? GDP with or without PPP adjustment? PPP adjustment is a start. I’d like to be able to walk from one end of town in a city of 10m without seeing homeless tents or getting mugged. I hear that’s possible in China. (Never been and don’t fully trust videos from anywhere any more. I’d have to see it for myself.). Can we say the same thing about USA cities? Does “GDP even with PPP” adjustment capture such things?

    Please don’t use a Chinese version of USA’s housing bust as an opportunity to mock their history or progress (unless you did the same to USA during 2007-). It doesn’t serve the average USA or European serf. It only serves the international imperialists whose top people show up in places like Davos, who govern as though they hate their own subjects, who started war against Russia, and who want to start war against China. None of this is good for anyone except for themselves, for their own hold on power. I suggest we refrain from making their job easier, lest they continue — with our implicit consent — devaluing our currency and standard of living by shipping endless quantities of money we don’t have (in marginally acceptable $40B increments) to foreign lands to fight people they tell us are “Mao”, “Stalin”, or “Hitler”.

    Yes, this probably seems like I’m making a mountain out of a molehill. A few little comments are no big deal. But, I see the same memes repeated elsewhere. And our rulers are really pushing hard right now to instigate another mess. I prefer we do what we can, as little as it is, not to help them. (Considering their constant lying about everything, we know TPTB care what we think.)

  3. Speaking of “authoritarianism”, “None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.” If you look around closely enough, you can start to see the camouflaged bars and walls around your prison.

    See this:

    and any Corbett interviews of Catherine Austin Fitts.