First-Tier Goes High End as CBD Prices Exceed 70,000 yuan per SQM

iFeng: 北上深中心区房价超7万/m2 一线城市豪宅化?
Recently, China issued a Rate Quotes platform "National Administrative Residential Rate list," the country's most expensive 22 municipal districts were swept by Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, three first-tier cities, the urban center housing price per square meter exceeds 70,000 yuan.
In Beijing, central housing runs over 100,000 yuan per sqm:
According to Ya Ho Jun Yue Statistical data show that in May this year, Beijing sold 70,000 + / square meters of luxury goods and signed a total of 216 sets of closing an area of ​​43,800 square meters, an increase of 2% MoM, 10% YoY. At the same time, the luxury market in May the average transaction price of up to 100,317 yuan / square meter, up 14 percent, marking the Beijing luxury market really into the 100,000 + / square meter era.
The concern at the moment is the luxury market is driving growth. In second-tier cities there's the "flour costs more than bread" phenomena of high priced land sales, while in cities such as Beijing, luxury property is a growing share of sales, but it seen as unsustainable:
"High prices" has become the status quo cities unavoidable. The report from China Index Research Institute show that the first half of the cumulative increase tier cities housing prices, significantly higher than the second and third tier cities housing prices 5.33% and 4.27% of the total increase. In the first-tier cities housing prices rising in the background, "luxury" trend increasingly prominent.

Centaline Property Research Department statistics show that as of June 20, Beijing residential real estate transactions of more than 10 million yuan in high-end residential, turnover accounting for up to 11.1%, while in 2015 this ratio was 5.8%. In Shanghai, according to Shanghai chain of home monitoring market research data show that in June the fourth week (June 20 - June 26) Price per 80,000 yuan / square meter or more high-end housing a total turnover of 154 units, an increase of 67 over the previous week set.

In addition, the "luxury" of the city also is spreading to the outer ring and the surrounding area has potential, namely the distribution is no longer confined to the urban core area, but extends out to the suburbs or surrounding cities plate.

Guo Yi, director of marketing Ya Ho agency said, the case of Beijing, the entire set of average total price of commercial housing in the 5th Ring mostly between 6-9 million yuan. From the northwest 5th Ring to the northeast 5th Ring, basically total home prices are substantially more than 15 million yuan and even more expensive, only the Southwest 5th Ring is lower...

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