More Nationalism in the UK

Reuters: English union with Scotland in 'mortal danger', says ex-PM Brown
British Prime Minister David Cameron has put the future of the centuries-old union between England and Scotland in mortal danger by stoking English nationalism, former premier Gordon Brown said on Sunday.
Give me a break. Is he serious?
On Sunday, Brown criticised Cameron's "pernicious" national election campaign, which warned voters that unless they backed the Conservative Party they would end up with a Labour-led government that was beholden to Scottish nationalists.

He said the same tactic could be used during an in/out European referendum.
A ha. Brown is upset about using nationalism as an electoral tactic because it is very effective, especially against politicians clearly working against the national interest.
Brown also said plans to give lawmakers in English constituencies a veto over laws that only affect England, undermined Scotland and risked creating two classes of politician in parliament.

"As the government of the UK, and as a self-proclaimed Unionist party, they should instead be standing up for British values and institutions that we share in common and which connect us together," he said.
The best course is to understand changing social mood and allow the flexibility for regions to retain enough local control, without destroying the union. A similar battle is going to erupt in the United States soon as individual states are already taking back power from the federal government by ignoring federal laws.

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