China Bears Roar: No Recovery For 3 Years

Guotai Junan's chief macro economist Ren Zeping says China will enter an L-shaped recession from which it will not emerge for at least three years.
The next three years China's economy will not recover, I put forward last year, China's economy over the next three to five years may be an L-shaped, but the L-shaped background that is not calm, because the old model will be ended, the new model will rise.
He raises the issue of NPLs, bringing to mind the recent discussion of 1998 reforms:
However, I would like to say that we do not have too idealistic reform ideas and fantasies. Three years in the throes of reform there can be no dividend, but will have no future without reform. Now that you have talked about the supply side of the reform, we re-normal growth rate shift comes to the supply-side reforms, we recognize that given the means in place to solve, we are still missing what? We still lack courage and determination. NPL ratio surfaced, and are willing to take, there are a lot of bad recessive financial system and future hidden unemployment, it is impossible to be solved by doing a dream, did not face in 2009, did not face in 2014 Yes, certainly in 2016, 2017 in the face, we expect to see future reforms crucial landing, those of us who have to prepare for thought.

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