HSBC: A Share Premium Signals More Selling

HSBC in Hong Kong and China Equity Research, Sun Yu of China equity strategy director, said the Hang Seng AH Premium Index at least five times last year issued a sell signal.

Hang Seng China AH Premium Index tracks H shares A share price gap between the pair. HSBC's head of strategy said that with the Shanghai and Hong Kong market linkage effects increase, the premium investors can observe the signal to determine the future trend of the A shares.

If the premium indicators meet or exceed 140-145, A-share market will have a high probability of a short-term adjustment. He said the answer inquiries by Bloomberg News last week, since last June, the index is given at least five times a sell signal. The AH Premium Index level so far this year show, A shares are still adjusting the period.

Hang Seng China AH Premium Index January 21 was up 1.5 percent to 148.84, the highest since July 2015 a new high, indicating that the A-share nearly 49% more expensive than the Hong Kong stock prices. The index has closed at more than 140 since the 14th of this month, only fell to 139.65 points at yesterday's close. During this period, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 15%, which yesterday fell 6.4%.
iFeng: 汇丰:中国股市下跌有前兆 这个指标发出五次卖出信号

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