China Real Estate Assn: Economy Still Relies on Real Estate

Miao Leru, China Real Estate Association Vice President & Secretary General, believes real estate is still the key to China's development.
First, the real estate industry is still a pillar industry within "Thirteenth Five-year plan" during a certain time of economic and social development, in 2014 in front of the data we are aware, this is the high point in 2013, according to that year's data, real estate investment 9.5 trillion, 6.4 trillion in residential investment, real estate sales of 763 million, residential sales of 624 million, the equivalent of 29.08% and 23.7% of the total retail sales of social consumer goods over the same period, respectively, to maintain such a scale, in China's economic and social development which is also a big, important, not to mention our real estate is not to maintain this scale, but along with the "Thirteen Five" start, urban development need to assume a greater role, facing more opportunities.

Second, the idea is to lead the five "Thirteen Five" development, real estate development for our proposed requirements of the times, people's livelihood, we solve poor tackling, the second is the face of ecological civilization and green development, upstream and downstream industries are required to change the development mode . As our products have green ecology standards, housing, buildings, structures need upgrading. We should reach the green, environmental protection, low-carbon, ecological civilization connected environment. From settlements, cities, new towns, the need to upgrade their level, to meet the demands of the times.

iFeng: 房地产业仍是我国经济社会发展的支柱产业

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