Two Child Policy Having Some Effect: Multi-Bedroom Home Sales Accelerate in Beijing

Beijing, a real estate agency broker Caishi Yang (voice) said, the impact of two-child policy for the housing market is huge, "In the past few months, people started buying three-bedroom or four-bedroom in our service area, reasonably priced three-bedroom apartments have sold out. Our clients have to wait for the new house market. " Mr. Cai's team is responsible for the Asian Games Village area in the north of Beijing. In the past, large apartment houses accounted for 30% of total sales. Because of the high housing prices and high tax rate of 90 square meters apartment, buyers chose mostly a home or two bedrooms of the house, "but now, half of our sales come from the big house."

...Increased demand pushed prices higher. Beijing second-hand housing company, another broker Li Yong (sound), said his customers are 20% to 30% due to a child and want to be ready to purchase, "These families represent the minimum requirement is a three-bedroom. One for himself and neonatal live, one to the first child, a parent or nanny to. " Real estate analysts Caiguan Yu (sound), said Shanghai is also the same trend. The proportion of customers needs 120 square meters, over the past year increased from 30% to 60%. The effect of two-child policy has just begun to appear, "the next two years, we expect the big house and a good school district housing demand will be even stronger."
iFeng: 二孩政策放出后 北京多居室房子销量日渐攀升

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