Li Keqiang Rebukes The Bears

Li Keqiang said that China is still a developing country, the future will continue long primary stage of socialism. To say China caused fluctuations in international markets, has "overvalued" us.

Li Keqiang reason for anger, due to investment Soros in Davos and will be accepted after January 21 interview with Bloomberg News, he said China's economy may face a stiff breeze insurance. Soros said that China's economy may face the risk of a "hard landing" in. It was not his intended result, but by observing the conclusions.

...Li further explained, various economic indicators, "Government Work Report" developed in 2015, almost all completed on schedule, only one exception is the import and export growth. "This one has us on the world trade slump last year, commodity prices fell sharply underestimated the reason. But then, this is precisely the description of the Chinese economy by the global economic downturn."
iFeng: 李克强怒了:“唱空”中国经济 这是哪家的道理?

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