Guangzhou Media: 5th Great Opportunity to Buy a House

Guangzhou is ramping up the home buying propaganda.

Recently, network media release, "the fifth great opportunity to buy a house," the news, the first three have been proven to be a good opportunity to copy outsole , the first stage is sluggish property market in 2004, "SARS" after property prices in Guangzhou " four or five prefix "wandering, Pearl River New City is said to be" 7 prefix " the CBD blueprint was still a vegetable field; the second is in October 2008, the Treasury introduced rescue measures, easing credit conditions, even with" flooding " to describe the property in downtown Guangzhou was 13,000 yuan / m2 or so, more than Yishoufang listed; the third is the beginning of 2011, which is the property of celebrity, "predicted Emperor" won the name of a year, no one thought that the first difficult to sell their flats, the end actually traded peak achievement.

Reporters had recommended a friend to buy property in Haizhu, when two projects Jiangnan Avenue North "door to door" opening, the lowest price is 16,000 yuan / m2, than the price of 21,000 yuan hair / m2 lower opening 5000 yuan / m2; the fourth was in September 2014, the second round of bailout curtain went up, with the upper limit of the previous loans to the property market "inhibition" of the central mother lead liberalized, to March 30, 2015 re-introduction of sales tax, "5 to the 2", almost complex carved in 2008 a full set of bailout policies. Then a fifth, "a great opportunity to buy a house," said to be in January this year, the online media had this to say: since last year, the state adjusted the proportion of down payment, provident fund loans, the purchase of many household registration policy to guide the real estate consumption. Meanwhile, at the national level to support migrant workers in cities to buy a house, to encourage people to purchase policies, in the final analysis is the state support the use of policy you buy. In such an unprecedented policy support, not the market, really late!

Three great opportunity to buy a house before miss you, all regret, in 2004 prices and current prices of nearly 10 times the gap, many people say that time if you buy more than one suite, are now laid off do not start a business in transition; 2008 In also a great window period, when low prices and interest rates hit 7 fold, two sets of mortgage can also enjoy the benefits, many people are still in front of a happy family of monthly, rather than a sad reminder of the house slaves, Reporter a friend buy Guangzhou urban Xiguan a new house project, when the project because buyers can not enter the market and poor sales, send the whole house air conditioning, wardrobe, refined decoration price of less than 11,000 yuan / m2,1年前这位朋友South China Sea investment buyers, new home prices Nangui Lu 15,000 yuan / m2, she can not help but lament the South China Sea floor than her floor to be expensive to buy in Guangzhou; in 2011 the chance not everyone captivated, reporters recommend a friend to buy Haizhu house, then she did not buy, but in 2014 went to see from these two projects near City Palace railway superstructure project, rough prices are close to 30,000 yuan / m2.

2014 "an excellent opportunity to buy a house" is still a short time ago, from reporters to grasp the price point of view, in October 2014 and now the price change is not large, but the interest rate hit 8.5 fold and now, more than at the time of the reference interest rates more cost-effective treatment, but you can choose from a disk source, the less and less urban project, of course, early morning to buy a number. Now the property market then resorted to "residential restriction Guangshen discretion", the property market winter warm breezes, it seems people really want to buy a house job to make decisions quickly.
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