More real Estate Bailouts Coming in Q1

Sales are already rising, but more help is on the way...
Jiangxi proposed urban housing for first-time buyers, qualified to give financial subsidies to farmers, migrant workers and will explore individual businesses into the housing accumulation fund system range. Henan Province put forward to support the improvement of housing conditions for workers paid into the provident fund loans, the resident population will have a stable labor relations into the provident fund coverage, encourage farmers into the city to purchase. Meanwhile, also in an orderly Henan agricultural work Citizenship.

Inner Mongolia proposed that in order to digest solid real estate inventory, Inner Mongolia will study the housing fund to support farmers and herdsmen in the city to purchase policies to encourage financial institutions to grant the transfer of migrant farmers and herdsmen purchase loans. In addition, the common property will also explore other measures to gradually absorb the large square housing stock, restrictive cancellation policy, release stiffness and improve housing demand. Hebei Province, said that to resolve the real estate stocks, advancing to meet the new demands of the public housing system reform starting point, stabilize the real estate market, household population by 2020, the resident population urbanization rate of about 48% and 67%, respectively. Jilin Province put forward to encourage and support real estate development enterprises due to lower housing prices, to help solve the problem of financing, while according to regulate the supply of land "to stock" in progress.

Hunan proposed monetization is an effective means to inventory, in principle, in 2016 shed change monetization of not less than 50% of the high proportion of resettlement areas and projects will be given funds tilt. Qinghai suggested further relaxation Xining (REF) settled in the city limits, the establishment of farmers and herdsmen town buyers and renters financial subsidies.

From the first-tier cities, the local two sessions related issues are more around the support reasonable housing needs, and promote the healthy development of the market to expand. Beijing (REF) said that this year will begin to study wards live zero level tax policy under the premise of balance, to encourage the public to change the housing from the office closer to the place. Shanghai said the purchase of the policy this year will continue to implement, but it will increase the supply of small and medium size, so that the housing price in young people after efforts can bear. During the two sessions, Guangdong Province, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Department, said Wang Peng, Guangdong will cancel the purchase of limited credit and other regulatory policies, but not mandatory, especially for Guangzhou (REF), Shenzhen (real estate) in big cities like specific policies still make a judgment according to the local government market.
iFeng: 一季度楼市或迎密集宽松政策 成交料稳中有升

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