Here Come the Trend Chasing Aunties; Ten Reasons to Buy Gold

Today's big move in gold will bring the aunties out to the gold shops with still 3 days left of Spring Festival.

The argument: you can't trust dollars, they only serve the American people. You fear renminbi devaluation. So buy gold!
Gucheng: 黄金凶猛中国大妈回来了
Or do not, the dollar is in its sunset, perhaps gold is the future of a new international monetary system to re-anchor it, because in almost all countries except the United States, the central bank and the people rather trust gold not the dollar, they are the so-called "NO REPRESENTATION NO TAX" backed credit money, to know the United States the right to vote belongs only to American voters, not to the people of the world, in this sense, the US dollar as an international currency is far from qualified.

If you do not believe in the renminbi, fear devaluation, no problem, with the Chinese central and national central mom mom to buy gold bars, or buy a handful of Chinese stock market in a limited few gold stocks also, these stocks in the week before the New Year has just begun rise, you can take a look at the last round of bearish trend these gold stocks.
I have always believed that renminbi devaluation would be bullish for USD, but that gold could rise depending on if the Chinese citizens decided to buy gold in response. Now, for unrelated reasons, we may get a convergence. If the gold price continues rising and USDCNY also rises, I would expect the return of the China Gold Frenzy.

JRJ: Ten Reasons to Buy Gold
1, 2008, the financial crisis is only a cyclical crisis, and this may be the turning point in the crisis, may lead to the US dollar, the old oil-based international monetary system collapse, diversified international monetary system established.
  2, stocks, oil and the dollar be called a loser in this crisis, expected future situation, oil prices will further downwards.
  3, after the United States in 2008 with the so-called shale oil revolution, in one fell swoop from the oil-importing countries transformed into an oil exporter. The continued slump in oil prices, will eventually make the formation of large US financial institutions of bad debts on US capital markets pose a huge threat.
  4, in the case of oil prices and the US stock market is far in the end, the gold price strong counter-attack, described as a kind of gold and the dollar, the international currency international currency counter natural shift.
  5, in fact, do more than just gold capital it is short the dollar.
  6, the US dollar due to OPEC Member States adopt the US dollar as the sole currency for settlement of international oil trade and access to the international credit and become a national central bank had international monetary reserves. But the downturn in oil prices, increasing the number of non-performing assets, the formation of a fatal injury to the United States, thus endangering international role of the dollar.
  7, at a time threatened the dollar's international status, global investors regain their gold, will become inevitable.
  8, since 2008, the dollar quantitative easing makes the world increased by trillions of dollars of base money, and in the case of the dollar flood, rose gold breakthrough also makes sense.
  9, the current total global gold is about 17 million tons, the real value of gold will deal estimated at $ trillion this level. Such amount of gold, just a few hundred billion dollars, enough to turn golden fried.
  10, 2008, the Chinese government only $ 1.5 trillion foreign reserve, it is difficult about the gold price, but today, holding a $ 3 trillion of foreign exchange reserves of the central bank, is fully capable of about gold price.
I would quibble with several of those, but the takeaway is the overall message: buy gold.

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