Liaoning Chengda Has ¥4.3 Billion Trapped in Shale Project

May 2015: Liaoning Cheng Da to halt operations at shale gas project due to weak oil prices

The project is obviously still halted, stranding ¥4.3 billion in capital.

iFeng: 辽宁成大页岩油困局:样板工程停产 43亿新项目进退两难
"Daily Economic News" reporter noted, Liaoning Cheng is currently facing, "not on a new project, the old project helpless to stop," the dilemma, the Xinjiang oil shale project construction period is long past, but has not yet been officially put into operation. Liaoning Cheng spent 4.35 billion yuan in Xinjiang betting shale oil project had expected the annual income of 2 billion yuan, while the first half of 2015 its income only 104,300 yuan, the project also because Shi Yuzhu ho throw 860 million yuan shares and concern.
China's big resource bets all over the world have trapped a lot of capital.

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