Hukou Reforms: 4 Kinds of People Benefit

Good news! says the headline, hukou reform is here and it benefits these four groups of people: rural students and military personnel who move to the cities, along with people who have worked or owned a home in a city for 5 or more years, or those migrants who moved their entire family to the city.

Major cities will strictly enforce rules to limit rising social welfare costs:
For widespread concern megacities, Vice Minister of Public Security Huang Ming household registration policy in large cities in the deployment at the meeting said, to pay close attention to establish a sound system integrator settled, adhere to the lawful stable employment and stable legal residence (including leasing), to participate in town Social Security age, years of continuous residence as the main indicators, focused on solving urban employment and residence in more than five years and his family settled in migratory agricultural transfer of population issues.

Household registration statistics should pay attention to the three principles

Statistical issues regarding the development of household registration, Huang Ming said the public should pay special attention to three principles:

First, be sure the people really reside, live, study in the city.

Second, urban employment.

Third, is there access to basic urban infrastructure and public services, education, employment, health care, pension, housing security, of the same quality as the original inhabitants of the city.

iFeng: 好消息!户籍制度改革来了这四类人将受益(名单)

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