Li Keqiang: If We Have to Intervene, We'll Intervene

Reuters: Chinese premier says economy faces great challenges, new uncertainties
China's economy faces great challenges and new uncertainties brought about by the global economic environment and various countries' ailing stock markets, Premier Li Keqiang said on Monday.

As well as maintaining stable levels of employment, China must be highly vigilant and maintain financial market stability, Li said.

iFeng: 李克强:一旦经济滑出合理区间 该出手时会果断出手
"China's economy still has great potential: We have such a high savings rate, so much room for maneuvering, in case the economy really shows reasonable range of signs of slowdown, when its time to act we'll act decisively." Li said firmly. "This year the global economic situation is very complex, so we have to be more active as, 'picked up a golden cudgel' the challenge!"

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