Shenzhen Mulls Real Estate Restrictions, Raise Down Payment

Chinese real estate policy swings from crisis to crisis, from slamming on the brakes to pressing the gas pedal to the floor. With prices up 46.8% yoy in December, Shenzhen is the first of the top-tier cities to mull restrictions on home buying.

EO: 深圳楼市传来收紧信号
Control measures being discussed include increasing the requirements that the buyers pay Social Security tax from one year to three years, and lengthen the time to qualify for the sales tax exemption from two to five years and so on....the first time mortgage lending requirements will increase, even if the loan has been repaid, property buyers can not re-qualify for first time mortgages......the first home down payment ratio increased from 25% to 30%.

...Many respondents believe that the 2016 Shenzhen tighten regulation, price gains narrowed is a high probability event.

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