Li Keqiang Says Big Tax Cuts Coming

CNBC: Chinese Premier Li Keqiang tells WEF digital is key to China's industrial revolution
Addressing the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Tianjin, also known as the "Summer Davos," Li focused the bulk of his speech on promoting entrepreneurship and highlighting policies catering to the sharing economy.
"We are embracing a new round of industrial revolution," he said. "We need to implement innovation-driven development."

The measures Li touted included pushing ahead with the Internet Plus initiative, a Chinese program aimed at boosting its mobile internet, e-commerce and cloud computing sectors in the international market. China would also ensure that the Internet of Things (ioT), cloud computing and other information technologies were applied to everyday life, Li said.
Chinese media focused on his tax comments.

iFeng: 李克强2016夏季达沃斯演讲全文
At the same time, we will further advance the massive tax cuts for enterprises, promote financial reform, to support the real economy; promote the reform of state-owned enterprises to fitness and health; relax market access for private enterprises, and further development of private enterprises to eliminate all the species barrier.

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