Remain Strongholds Report Over Next 2 Hours

Here's a chart showing the perfect moment to go short, after the euphoria following Nigel Farage's "concession." As I said before, it looked like a top even if Remain won, as the pound also spiked quite high for a moment.

The chart below shows the S&P 500 futures.

I have to say coming into the vote I thought Remain would pull it out, but if Leave wins it is not a surprise. I've been expecting this would happen eventually. At some point, the social mood was calling for this to happen, Socionomic theory predicted it. Now it's a matter of, are we looking at the end of a trend in the market or the beginning. Is US dollar bull market about to run again, or is this a blowoff move? Gold is at a 52-week high and headed for hit a new all-time high in Australian dollars before pulling back.

If this is a top then the market spends the next few months working off these losses. If not, this is the first shot of a much larger wave.

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