Homeschool or Die: Toxic Chinese Schools

Baiyun Elementary school in Beijing has a toxic track.

Caixin: Toxin Fears Trigger School Running Track Furor
ublic outrage over schools that expose children to hazardous chemicals is flaring again after playground running tracks were blamed for nose bleeds and rashes among primary school students in Beijing.

Parental protests outside a primary school in Beijing's Xicheng District in late May and a subsequent state television investigation focused national attention on the rubber-like outdoor tracks across the country.

Concerns on potentially toxic running tracks first surfaced after dozens of students at the Yuanhe Primary School in Suzhou of eastern Jiangsu Province came down with symptoms such as nose bleeds, dizziness and skin rashes three days into their new semester last September. Their parents blamed "the toxic running track" built in the school a month earlier.

Similar incidents were reported in at least 15 cities and provinces as of May, including Beijing, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, according to Xinhua News Agency.

Caixin: 【封面报道】“毒跑道”恐慌

June 22, 2016, a final inspection report to the Beijing Second Experimental Primary Baiyun Branch (hereinafter referred to Baiyun Road Elementary School) many anxious parents a definitive answer. More than a month, Baiyun primary school plastic track whether "toxic", the school became the parents of heart disease. Under questioning, the efforts of parents, eventually, under the more stringent than the national standard of "Shenzhen standard" to detect a done decision overturned a "qualified" conclusion, the test results show that the school playground indeed several pollutants exceeded. In addition to the plastic track final number of detected hazardous substances are not included in the national standard, air sampling Baiyun Elementary dozen classrooms also measured levels of formaldehyde, although the concentration will not cause acute poisoning, but the long-term effects can not be ignored.

"Poison Track" event occurred in China in recent years and more. In many cases, eager son some parents of children who show symptoms, and unexplained odor linked to the track. They are almost convinced that the child's nosebleeds, vomiting, rashes or other symptoms associated with the newly built plastic tracks. From Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang to Beijing, one similar case of intense urges parents gradually let the odor problems plastic track to get public attention

There is an info graphic at Caixin as well, some snips of it below.

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