Three Body Problem Movie Has a Problem

Caixin: Premiere of Film based on Acclaimed Sci-fi Novel 'The Three-Body Problem' Pushed Back until 2017
Author Liu Cixin sold the rights in 2009 to director Zhang for a big screen adaptation of his book, but the news upset some fans who were worried that Zhang, who had only directed three movies previously, was inexperienced.
Yoozoo's latest statement on the delayed premiere caused a stir among the book's fans again.

"It's like a Chihuahua trying to fight a Tibetan mastiff," an Internet user said on the Quora-like website Zhihu, referring to what he thought was an amateur director's attempts to take on a complex project.

"To turn a good novel into a good movie, there should be a developed film industry and a team that is good at every aspect from planning to distribution," another Net user said.

Yoozoo was established by an online game developer Youzu Interactive Co. Ltd. in November 2014. It has produced four movies to date. One of the films, The Crossing 1, had a 400 million yuan ($60.6 million) budget, but it bombed at the global box office, raking in only 260 million yuan, according to movie website Mtime.com, which offers reviews and tracks box office numbers.
Hollywood will do a remake.

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