Chengdu Tightens Real Estate Regulations

Chengdu only recently started to heat up as people moved on from blazing hot cities such as Suzhou and Nanjing, but the city is going to nip this speculative fervor in the bud. The most important piece is raising the threshold for advance sales. Shenzhen implemented similar rules and cooled its housing market.

"Daily Economic News" reporter noted, "opinion" mainly related to the regulation of scientific market supply, to promote real estate consumption, supports five business development direction and implementation of territorial responsibility. For hot land market will adjust land bid bond system, the implementation by the parcel to pay, etc., trying to cool down the rate of land high premium. But perhaps the most attention in the industry is "to improve the real estate sale threshold" requirement.

Chengdu, a leading housing prices the middle of marketing said, "raise the threshold for real estate advance sales," this impact should be significant, the strength is not strong small and medium housing prices in the operation and management will be put to the test. Month grace period for the policy reserve, Chengdu Branch, a director of a real estate agency Beijing said last month, developers will actively apply for each sale permit.
成都楼市“51条”新政:提预商品房售门槛 减供应量

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