More Rumors of Buying Restrictions in Beijing

iFeng: 北京商住限购风声再起 一年社保或是最终版
the last two days some developers received information from Beijing government, commercial housing restriction policy final version coming soon: Requires buyers must pay social security Beijing for one year, and own no home.

This is not the first time rumors spread. Earlier, June 6, due to the illegal access both commercial and residential projects and public water, public electricity hype, Mentougou Construction Committee will temporarily stop the network to sign commercial housing, ready for commercial housing area rectify this information is the media interpreted as "commercial housing restriction coming from Mentougou start."

Since then, the rumor extended to Daxing, Shunyi and other areas. June 14, an event already developed to a climax, that time, sales of many projects have told the media: "Beijing will be at 0:00 on June 15 onwards, a full cessation of commercial and residential projects in all regions of net signed." In the absence of a state government statement, is to avoid the purchase of psychology, many developers have all night to buy a house, even the sale of real estate developers will not all go to the personal name, which is also reflected in the statistics on the month.
According to an official at the meeting, the government will not announce buying restrictions on July 1 or the rest of 2016.

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