Leave Rides Immigration to Lead in String of Polls

Evening Standard: Brexit poll: 'Most Brits DO want to leave,' with just a week until EU referendum vote
The campaign to quit the European Union has surged into a six-point lead with exactly a week to go, a sensational Ipsos MORI poll reveals today.

In a dramatic turnaround since May, some 53 per cent now want to leave and 47 per cent want to stay, excluding don’t knows.

It is the first time since David Cameron pledged the referendum in January 2013 that Vote Leave have come out ahead in the respected monthly Ipsos MORI telephone survey, which is exclusive to the Evening Standard.

Immigration has overtaken the economy as the most important issue to how the public will vote, which is a significant boost to Boris Johnson and the Leave campaign.
From May 31, here: Socionomics Alert: Shock Brexit Poll, UKIP Playbook Stolen
The latest development in the campaign redounds to the benefit of Leave though: the UKIP playbook has been stolen. UKIP's raison d'être was a referendum on EU membership, but the party quickly shifted their rhetoric to immigration once they saw its impact. The party won a surprising victory in local elections as a result, and the current referendum on EU membership is itself one of the results. Now it seems the Leave camp is also turning to the immigration issue...

...Immigration restriction is the most popular orphan policy in the West. It was taken up by UKIP to a shock victory in local elections, it was taken up by Trump for a shock victory in the GOP primary. Merkel's decision to open the floodgates to migrants and open the door to Turkey was the exact wrong policy for the moment. In addition to pushing the German electorate to the right (This One Chart Explains the Next 10 Years of Political Change) she may have set the EU on its final course to dissolution

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