Rural Land Sales Begin Under Pilot Reform

Farmers will have control over their land, worth more than 1 million yuan per mu, under new land reform rules.

The article said the data show that as of the end of April this year, a total of 97 of about 1277 acres of land for construction of rural collective management of the market, the total price of 1.57 billion yuan. In other words, the current price per acre of rural land is about 1.229 million yuan (about 1843 yuan / square meter).
Here, the pilot rural land mainly includes three aspects: First, the rural collective management of construction land market reform; the second is the rural homestead reform; Third, land acquisition system reform.
Even if land remains idle and this is simply a transfer of land rights from one person to another, the monetization of the land will have a huge positive impact on the rural economy.

iFeng: 农地均价122万/亩 国土部长:选择权给农民

SCMP in 2015: Pilot scheme approved to reform rules on controversial rural land sales in China

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