Didi Chuxing Buyout of Uber China Could Violate Monopoly Rules

Fortune: Chinese Commerce Ministry: The Uber-Didi Chuxing Merger Still Needs Approval
China’s commerce ministry (Mofcom) said on Tuesday it had not received a necessary application to allow the deal to go ahead.

Caijing: 新华社评滴滴收购优步中国:谨防“鲶鱼”变成“沙丁鱼”
Giant merger introduction guess: way to travel just to usher in revolutionary changes, new oligopoly will not happen? Is it necessary to initiate these acquisitions antitrust investigation? In this regard, drops argued that the current drops and Uber China were profitable, and Uber China in the previous fiscal year turnover did not meet reporting standards. However, experts pointed out that after the merger the two companies, market share may exceed 90%, in fact, have monopoly characteristics and suspects.

Monopolist has a stronger bargaining power, can get more monopoly earnings, harm the interests of consumers. In addition, more damage monopoly that it can block the formation of industry innovation.

...Faced with huge public concern, regardless of whether this merger cases regulatory filings limit on the amount of the relevant anti-monopoly law enforcement agencies should be actively involved in, in terms of market share, as well as relationships and other investigations, and earnestly safeguard the market order, and the interests of practitioners interests of consumers.

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