NDRC Finds Solution to Slow Growth: More High Speed Rail

What do you do when you lose money on every transaction? You make up for it with volume.

"High Speed ​​Rail economy" has become an important starting point for steady growth.

...If the issuance of "long-term railway network plan" is a "compulsory exercise", the NDRC for 5 days issued a document pushing "high-speed rail economy" rare "overweight action", to build China's "high speed rail economic ecosystem" intent is clear.
iFeng: 发改委罕见连发五文挺高铁经济 初露锋芒好戏在后头

Reuters: China to expand railway network to 150,000 km by 2020
China will expand its railway network to 150,000 km (93,200 miles) by 2020, including 30,000 km of high-speed rail, the country's top economic planner said on Wednesday.

The plan will mean a 24 percent increase in the length of China's railway network from 2015 and a 58 percent expansion in high-speed rail.
WSJ: China’s Busiest High-Speed Rail Line Makes a Fast Buck
Vast spending on rail projects continues, ballooning from 155 billion yuan in 2006 to more than 800 billion yuan last year, government data show. The government has budgeted 800 billion yuan for railway construction this year.
From less than two weeks ago here: China Has Only 6 Profitable High Speed Rail Lines

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